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Urban Dross Revitalization – USC Thesis Project
My thesis research focuses on the revitalization of the American downtown. There is a shift of living ideals in young people from a single family house in the suburbs to a downtown living space. My research focuses on the current condition of downtown Los Angeles, yet can be adapted to describe almost any downtown center across the United States. An analysis of the left over, urban dross space, is conducted in order to adapt this underused space of surface parking lots, abandoned industrial centers, and obsolete infrastructure and create a connective green space to revitalize the personal, community aspect of downtown living.
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UrbaNerds Research
In the summer of 2009 I traveled with a colleague around the United States studying planned urban developments and the ideals they were built upon. We analyzed ten separate Urban Developments from across the Country in order to fully understand how the current urban condition of the United States can be improved. Our goal was to understand the various ideas presented by urban designers and why developers continue to pursue projects which lack community, cohesion, and a clear design intention. We are currently finalizing our findings which will be exhibited at the USC School of Architecture in the Spring of 2011.
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Hyderabad, India – An in-depth study
I created this research booklet to analyze the current social, economic, and developmental factors of Hyderabad, India. The booklet is intended to be viewed in as little as five minutes while revealing to the reader a deep understanding of the city and its influences. The research focuses on the development of Hyderabad from an agricultural city to a major Information Technology center. The thesis of the research focuses on the impact the “western” office building model will have on the energy consumption of a developed India as a whole.
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Rokko Housing – Tadao Ando
While studying in Japan I researched the Rokko Housing Project designed by Japanese Architect Tadao Ando. The research focuses on the ideas and design intentions presented in the building. The Rokko Housing Project is a three stage housing development in the city of Kobe. The intimate relationship between building and site; the connection of the residents with the surrounding natural landscape, and the integration of both public life and community life solidifies the Rokko Housing Project as one of Tadao Ando’s greatest designs.
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Tugendhat House – Mies van der Rohe
The Tugendhat House designed by Mies van der Rohe epitomizes the ideals of the Modernist movement. The free plan, careful selection of materials, and usable roof terrace were a shift from the traditional residential building style. Mies van der Rohe took the ideas which he began forming in his famous Barcelona Pavilion and expanded them in the Tugendhat House. The house conveys the idea of a modernist house as a space intimately connected to the needs and desires of the residents themselves rather than an impersonal style.
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